Judgement Free Flowers

After a day or week of being in the world of people and chaos and stress I most love some time in the garden. There is no judgement there!

In spring I can rejoice at the birth of new colors and shapes and smells. The flowers and bulbs do not judge, do not ridicule, or talk back.


In summer I can enjoy and commune with the flavors of fresh grown produce, arrange my favorite flowers in my vase, and do battle with the weeds – a semi-mindless effort that gives me “no-thought” time.  During the summer my tomatoes sacrifice themselves freely and without complaint.


In the fall the last flowers stubbornly hold on, trying to outshine the trees in their new coats of multi-colored leaves. As fall progresses they become overly eager volunteers for the compost pile.


Winter is for resting and the interesting shapes and visions brought forth by the combination of snow and the remains of the garden. The rest from the work of keeping the garden is welcome. Dreams of spring flowers are pleasant and full of hope.


Overall, the garden is the place I can best give back to mother earth. It is my means to replenish what I have taken from her in other ways. It is the place I can help re-build the beauty that was destroyed to create my house and the roads I must drive to get to and from work.

 “When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, the circle of Creation is completed inside us” – Michael Bridge 

Do I find myself when I am outside? Absolutely!

Where do you find yourself? Where does your creative spirit live?


~ by in2l on December 2, 2006.

4 Responses to “Judgement Free Flowers”

  1. Ahhh,…the universal church of Backyard Beauty! I love it!

    Love that Micheal Bridge quote, too. There is nothing more satisfying than DOING the stuff that our being loves.

  2. Glad to see you visit to my backyard! All of these are images from the past year as the garden has grown.

    I love the notion of an outdoor church in my backyard. Why should I have to drive to some dead building, devoid of nature, to some how find in there the kingdom of heaven?

    As a matter of fact, I was just outside meditating in the cathedral, the weather is grand! My hands are dirty and my back is tired but I am happy and feeling blessed.

  3. Oh how soothing! Your flowers are really lovely so it’s no wonder you would find refuge in the safety of your garden. There are few things more relaxing than playing in the dirt or mud which later yields results like these beautiful flowers.

    I’m playing with some flower photos I took in VT today that I plan to give as gifts this year. It really puts me a calm mood even though it’s taking way too much time.

    Great site.

  4. We’re giving pictures as gifts too. I don’t know if any of the flower pictures are good enough yet. We have some family pictures we think will be appreciated.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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