Parenthood Redux – Math Progress

This is a follow up to an earlier post called “Parenthood Redux – Math Homework”

Late last year I found myself trying to remember how to do basic math in order to help my 13 year old step-daughter.  It was a challenge for me. 

I can happily say my step daughter found an alternate study-buddy in math and did so well she was near the top of her class in math this past semester! Her mother and I are happy she wants to do well and was able to get help from a more competent source. This semester when things started out rocky, she jumped right on it, worked it out with the teacher and got her grade back up!

Her attitude and her values are a blessing.

Now I can focus on other aspects of parenting redux – like her driver’s permit that is only 15 months away.

On second thought, bring on the math homework!


~ by in2l on March 15, 2007.

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