Spring Gardening in WNC

Spring has come a bit early this year in Western North Carolina (WNC).  Everyone has been remarking on it and I have been enjoying it tremendously.  I do have a strong sense though that the early warm weather is an arbiter of global warming!

The crocus have come and gone, the daffodils have a few late stragglers still blooming and the weeds are having a blast!

Crocus Spring 2007

This past week the hyacinth I planted last (break for bird alert – downy woodpecker was just outside my window here, what beautiful reds, grays and whites) fall have all pushed through the clayey soil and are perfuming the back yard!  I cannot wait each afternoon to get home and stick my nose in a sweet smelling bloom.

One lone and unusual tulip opened this past week.  It was glorious but fleeting.  I have it as my PC desktop so I see it still each day.  Its friends have not been lazy though, the grape hyacinth have come on strong and the rest of the tulips have struck out on their brave path towards beautiful glory.  We will shortly have a garden full of their incredible reds and yellows to go along with the blues of the grape and regular hyacinth.

First Tulip of 2007

There are plenty of reminders of battles I have been waging for the last 2 years as I rebuild what was once obviously a wonderful garden yard.  Someone let the may apples go crazy and I took them out last year (I thought) but have found a few hardy souls popping up this year.  In addition, I have discovered that the wild geranium (I think) has a vast network of roots deep in one of my beds.  They just seem to laugh at me when I yank out the tops as they have a veritable army of recruits waiting to follow in their fallen brethrens footsteps.  We shall see who is the more patient and persistent one.  I once battled some invasive weeds for 4 or 5 years before I finally eradicated them.  By the way, I try my very best to weed by hand or tool, no chemicals allowed.  I take the long view on that matter.

I am still new to this garden and especially to spring.  In my Florida garden I never seemed to wonder where my plants were, they were always there for the most part.  Now I have plant markers everywhere so I do not forget what I planted.  And the daily investigation brings last year’s friends back to my view – yesterday I found the peony poking its tender shoots up.  It has a lot of growing to do between now and mid-May (Mother’s Day) for it to bloom, yet I have faith that all of these wonderful creations will do their utmost to grow back to their full and awe-inspiring nature.

Spring is early this year and hope and wonder abound.  I am blessed.  


~ by in2l on March 31, 2007.

3 Responses to “Spring Gardening in WNC”

  1. I’d love to be able to grow tulips and peonies – the tulip flower in your garden does look glorious. Enjoy your garden while nature springs its best offerings.

  2. Of course mother nature has sprung a last minute spring freeze. The master gardeners around here have never seen so many things blooming at one time as they are right now. So we are doing the cover it up with whatever you got effort this week. So all my old sheets and towels are out where the neighbors can see them.

  3. I enjoyed reading your post. I have to agree with jenny, the tulip flower is really nice. Can’t wait for Spring to come.

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