Oh Holy Night – A Gift from the Divine

April 7, 1984 at 6:07 PM began the holiest evening of my life.  I have experienced other holy moments, when I felt in touch with the divine; but the first night of my first born son’s life remain to this day the holiest.  That day the divine gave me the opportunity to experience caring completely and utterly without reservation for another creature.  For hours while his mother slept through the night, I was granted the opportunity to hold and comfort and cherish this tiny spark of the divine laying in my arms.


If making contact is holy work I was doing the divine’s holiest work that night.  As unready in my head as I was to be a parent, my heart knew better. Every part of me was connected to this 6 lb 7 oz wonder, wrapped up tight in his blanket, laying his knit-capped head on my shoulder.


Looking back 23 years I can still remember the chair we sat in for hours, the orientation of the room, and the feel of his little body pressed up against me.


On this, his birthday, I want to thank the divine for all that was given me on that holiest of days.  No matter what has followed, through all the ups and downs of parenthood, I will always remember that holy night.


If you have a moment in your life when you felt truly blessed, a divine moment, that holy contact, please tell your story here.


~ by in2l on April 6, 2007.

2 Responses to “Oh Holy Night – A Gift from the Divine”

  1. Like you, the experience of becoming a mother was a supremely special moment that is not forgotten. The opportunity to attend the birth of my son’s son was a powerful moment. I was mesmerised as this wonderful young man I gave birth to, in turn hold his newborn son as he introduced his two year-old son to his baby brother.

  2. There’s nothing ‘special’ about me that this should be so, but I have been experiencing Divine Moments since I was a little girl. Let me tell you about my first.

    My father was very sick on and off my entire life. When I was about 15 or so, he had his first major heart attacks and was scheduled for open heart surgery. A triple bypass back then took about 20 or so hours, and wasn’t nearly as perfected as it is today. Needless to say, I was very scared.

    It was the night before he was to go in. Feeling very alone and afraid, I picked up my little white Holy Bible with the lamb on it that had been given to me as a small child. It had been put way back in a draw and pretty ignored for awhile. Anyway, seeking some sort of solice…some ‘sign’ that everything would be ok, I opened it up to a random page. Looking down, I saw these words:

    He shall live and not die.

    As I read them, my skin turned all goosebumpy in the way it does even today when I am being touched by the Heavens. Drawing great comfort from these words, I truly felt as if God had spoken to me personally.

    Since then, I have innumerable stories of direct contact with God and the angels that have been nothing less than extraordinary. But nothing replaces that first contact.. nothing!

    Thank you for sharing this evidence of the presence of the divine. I am glad you were given such reassurance at such a difficult and scary time in your life.

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