Legacy of a Parent – The Next Generation

I had a visit from my oldest son last weekend.  Along with feeding him well for the road back and giving him an extra tight hug goodbye I got to send him home with some plants from my garden.  In with the luggage went a few baby foxgloves (generously re-seeded by the mother plant), a hosta (another volunteer), and a fern from the woods.  I had to choose the plants to fit his low to medium light garden space.

Somehow I managed to share with him my love of gardening, and now we have a piece of my garden in common as well.  It is not often a parent is blessed to share a hobby with their child and even more difficult to do when you live 9 hours apart.  It gave me a wonderful feeling to be able to gift him with a piece of this home for his home.

I look forward to years of sharing not just our love but our love of growing things.  It feels great to know that he values the same love of all things green and growing.

BTW – if I can take a moment to brag – my son is a 2nd year PHd candidate at University of Pittsburgh in Ecology and Evolution.  Here’s a link to his page and picture of him in his lab.  http://www.pitt.edu/~tonsor/people/MarninWolfe.html


~ by in2l on May 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Legacy of a Parent – The Next Generation”

  1. Glad I have found your blog. It is great!

  2. I recognise the bond that comes from sharing something in common in a way that reaches out to those special to us.

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