My Floridian son meets his first snow shovel

A month ago Western NC had one of those record snowfalls. First, the forecasters called for 1-3 inches. No problem, an hour or so of shoveling and off we go!

That was not to be! Before we knew it, we had 18 inches of snow piled up in some really interesting places and the power, cable and phones were down for the count.

It was beautiful in its own way. The picnic table had 3 piles of snow (2 benches and table top) that looked like they had been poured into forms, the shapes were so perfect.

The real story for us was getting the driveway cleared before the snow became ice.  We had pine branches down and trees bent down to touch the ground. We had two snow shovels, one good one and one one that was just holding on. We also had two 50+ year old backs and one 16 year olds. We share a driveway with two other families. You could see the nervousness in my 70 yr old neighbor’s eyes – could he shovel even a small path  and not hurt or kill himself. My other neighbor, with whom we share a driveway did not even have a snow shovel. To make it even worse, the pine tree branches bent down and broke off all over the place.

But I digress, after all, this is supposed to be about my son. While my wife, my step-daughter, my neighbor and I were out shoveling our little steep shared driveway I stopped and called my son in Pittsburgh to share this unique experience.

This past fall he and his wife bought their first house. Its a little place but it is their place and I know the sense of pride in ownership they have. As would be expected from my #1 son, they had already done some gardening before the weather got too cold.

But now they were facing the same snowstorm we were digging out from. And for this young man, born and raised in Orlando, FL and who went to college in St. Petersburg, FL, this was his first chance to shovel a driveway! Me, I grew up in Pennsylvania and had to shovel snow from an early age. You don’t forget the sore back and muscles even after living 30 years in the Sunshine state.

I thought I would hear bitching about the hard work, but instead I got “no problem, Dad, its almost fun, being outside”.  Of course he has 1/10th the driveway I have and a back that is 25 years younger, but it was fun to joke with him about this new experience and losing his virginity.

I am really enjoying watching my little guy grow into a wonderful adult. I can’t wait for the next experience.


~ by in2l on January 17, 2010.

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