Making Contact Is Holy Work

Connecting with the divine in everything is hard work.  I find it difficult to near impossible to always be in touch with the people with whom I am engaged or the awe-inspiring world within which I exist every moment of every day.

When I am with people I am thinking thoughts on what I am going to say (if I am even interested in what they are saying) or thinking about other things I could be doing.

When I am in the world I am thinking or doing but not being present.

Making contact with the divine is holy work.  It is prayer. If god is in everything, then making contact with other creatures, people, or a rock is an act of connecting to god.

It may be divine, it may be holy, but it sure is a lot of work!

When have you felt connected to another or to the divine? Do you find it easy or difficult to be present for the opportunity of a holy connection?


~ by in2l on April 3, 2007.

One Response to “Making Contact Is Holy Work”

  1. I’ve read so much lately that has me rethinking my understanding of prayer. 🙂 I feel especially connected to the divine during thunderstorms. Though I know i’ts present all the time but I’m usually too restless and thinking about things to notice it. I’ve added you to my blogroll. I really like the themes of your blog, and your quote…

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